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Who would’ve guessed, I’ve given up strutting the city streets and stunting on the subway, for afternoon hikes and EV charging stations. This Native New Yorker is actually quite taken with life on the West Coast. Although there is nothing quite like Stuart Weitzman thigh highs in the fall and cuddling up in a shearling during the winter, the trade off is imminent. A year round tan for one, office hours pool side duh, oh and humidity who?

Since moving here I’ve found that being near the water is so profoundly healing and therapeutic… No offense to the Hudson.

Deepak Chopra was right. Sand between your toes and connectedness with Earth has helped to alleviate some of those anxieties that came with living in the big city.

Such as the almost guaranteed daily altercation you either witness or are entangled in during your morning commute or in line at Starbucks. Letting go of those microaggressions has allowed me to have a better quality of life.

You’ve seen those quarantine memes, New York vs. California. Must I explain any further? Rent in the OC is comparable to our Brooklyn apartment, yet we have our own washer and dryer, brand new gym facilities, pool/hot tub amenities, yoga lawn, and did I mention the dog spa!

Don’t get it twisted. New York will always be #1 for being the most culturally diverse, experiential city. California does not compete when it comes to fashion, art, music, pizza, bagels- mostly things food-related. However, as a result, we’re spending less, juicing again and cooking in more, so that’s good I suppose?

As far as the fashion scene, the job pool here is mostly confined to red carpet and celebrity styling. Not too many big fashion houses with the exception of Tom Ford, Yeezy and… Fashion Nova? Let just say I have not been very inspired by the Calabasas sweats look however there is something to investing in a wardrobe that promotes an active, balanced lifestyle. My day to day has evolved from European discount designer studs at Century 21 (R.I.P) to an ever-changing cycle of Lululemon separates. I might not have use for any Tims in the near future, although Jimmy Choo x Timberland are making a good case for me to indulge. So for now footwear looks like Brooks running sneakers and Camper round heel pumps for special occasions. My Manolos may never see the light of day again.

Still I never sought to “fit in” and as a Bronx girl you never do. One of the greatest things about moving to California, is being a New Yorker in California. The energy, grit, passion and swag that we have is what will make you stand out anywhere around the world.

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